Puerto Rico

VIDEO: Puerto Rico Water System

By Kirsten Glowa

My name is Kirsten Glowa and in the winter of 2011 I attended the Interamerican University in Puerto Rico on a school exchange from Mount Royal University in Canada. This was a life changing experience and something I will never forget. This video you are about to watch is a final project I had completed for the VITAL Program. The focus of the project was to demonstrate Puerto Ricans water system and how it compares to Canada. Throughout my research I learned a lot.


Puerto Rico Blog

By Tessa Clayton

This blog is a part of Project VITAL, an international academic mobility and student exchange program. The purpose of this project is to engage students in the issue of supplying fresh water to citizens of North America, wherever they choose to study abroad. My studies took place in Puerto Rico, where the people of the island are facing one of the biggest challenges they’ve known — stopping their government from building a natural gas pipeline that crosses the island from north to south through many important natural areas. I chose to focus on the karst region and the underground water systems in that area. It’s my hope that this blog will provide insight into this environmental issue that has the capacity to change the island’s lifestyle profoundly.

Video: Rincon, Puerto Rico

By Tessa Clayton

Rincon is a small surf town that has a unique identity on Puerto Rico. Despite horror stories from other tourist destinations, Rincon has avoided all these negative aspects for a number of reasons. Originally regarded with skepticism, those who love the town's vibe so much that they stay long term are quickly welcomed into the local culture. The influx of tourists for other events are also received with smiles and open arms. There is a give-and-take attitude in the town, which is what makes this place paradise for those who call it home.

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