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Video: Portable water purifier provides clean water to third world countries

Produced by Bryce Forbes, this video focuses on a portable water purifier produced down in Washington, Iowa. In the first part of the video, you’ll
meet John Hayes from Hayes Pure Water for All Foundation. He is the inventor of the water purifiers and takes them all around the world to
help bring clean, drinkable water to numerous third world countries.

In the second part of the video, you’re introduced to Blake Ray, a former University of Iowa student. He was among a group of Hawkeye student who
took the water purifiers down to Haiti a few months after the devastating earthquake.


Reports on water use, use management and conservation

Journalism student Alicia Fox resides in a small rural town in southern Alberta. This report was completed as part of her course work, and provides valuable context on the important issues of water use, use management and conservation.

Report 1 - It All Ends Up Here - a report on southern Alberta water issues

Report 2- It All Ends Up Downstream - Albertans discuss water issues

Water Issues by Region


Breaking new ground in wastewater treatment

Reconstruction of ‘drowning machine’ complete

Southern Alberta farming sees water go up and down

Projects in Spanish

Calidad del Agua de Mar y de la Laguna de Juluapan en la Playa La Boquita de Miramar, Manzanillo, Colima

Kevin Ginorio De Jesús

Full report here

Impacto de las actividades recreativas en la calidad del agua”

Por Pedro Colón Rivera1 / Proyecto Vital 2012

Full report here